Welcome to Walter F. Meuter Customs Brokers INC.

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Welcome to Walter F. Meuter. Customs Brokers INC

Ron & Stan are retiring!! After 50+ years’ association with Walter F. Meuter Customs Brokers (over 25 years as co-owners), we think that it is time for something new. So, effective April 30, 2018, we are closing the doors. We appreciate those of you who have made this wild ride sometimes exciting, sometimes frustrating, but always interesting and challenging.

We have already taken steps to transition the daily operations by partnering with C J International so that our clientele does not suffer any downtime. We will both continue to stay involved as long as necessary so that C J learns the important details of each individual importing company. At this time, our main concern is that we continue to serve your importing needs as we guide C J so that, on May 1, 2018, and beyond, they will seamlessly transition into their role as your Customs Broker.

In addition, Sandy Rice, our friend and employee for almost 30 years, will become a full time C J employee. Her knowledge of our client accounts will be invaluable in continuing to serve your needs

One of the reasons we elected to partner with C J International is because they too have a presence in the Port of Louisville. WFM and C J have been friendly competitors for many years. C J was established in 1987 and has been an invaluable part of the success of many importers and exporters, throughout the years. C J has an excellent reputation for service, and we feel there is no one better to serve our clients.

C J is a respected logistics leader, not only in the Port of Louisville but throughout the United States. C J has a team of reliable and dedicated experts that provide high quality, personal committed service. C J has six additional offices in Baltimore, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and San Antonio Texas.

C J can be contacted directly at 502-380-8400.

You can find more information at C J’s web page.

Shannon Alexander, President of C J, can be contacted by email to discuss the transition processes as well as any concerns you may have.

Ron Fryrear & Stan Kemp