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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I pay duty and when is it due?
Duty can be paid with check, cash, or ACH (Automated Clearing House).  We pay duties via a daily statement, usually on the ninth day after release.  We will bill small amounts but, for larger duty amounts we must receive a check payable to Customs and Border Protection or to Walter F. Meuter Customs Brokers by the ninth day after release.  If your company has ACH we can enter your code as part of the entry and your account will be debited on the statement date.

Q:  What is the difference between formal and informal entries?
A:  Customs may require a formal entry for any shipment; but, normally shipments valued not over $2000 in value can be informal.  Entries over $2000 in value require a formal entry.  Formal entries require a surety bond.  There are many tariff numbers that require a formal entry, regardless of value, and these classifications are usually textiles or, plastics and rubber.

Q:  Where's my freight?
A:  We trace daily and can usually provide you up to date information.  Please remember that the "E" in "ETA" stands for "Estimated".

Q:  Will I be charged messenger fees?
A:  If we have to hire an outside messenger or run "special" to customs or other location "yes".  We will not send you a "shopping list" billing.  We go to the airport every morning and to customs 3 times each day at no charge.

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